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Chris Hemswoth: The Beard of Valhalla

November 1, 2013

Hello all and happy No Shave November! After not being able to complete the whole month last year I really look forward to giving you all some excellent beards this year and for the first time were going to try some mustaches this year as well! That’s right! Not every one follows this month as No Shave November many also celebrate it as Movember so as a sign of goodwill and support for all kinds of facial hair every Monday will be Mustache Monday in honor of Movember! So without further ado, let’s get on with the beards.

Let’s start No Shave November out strong! And it doesn’t really get much stronger than Thor the God of Thunder (or at least the actor who plays him). This Australian beauty exemplifies the baby beard and does so with style and grace. The baby beard, for those of you who don’t know, is a beard worn by a younger man; it is grown short and close to the face but still longer than a 5 o’clock shadow. This beard is one of the most attractive in Tinseltown and the ladies love it. Each hair on Hemsworth’s beard has the ability to make at least 150 panties drop within a 1 mile radius of his face. But although this beard is not one of girth and size it is most certainly one of strength and shows a great area for growth and opportunity. In his role as Thor we see Hemsworth as a young naive warrior, and a bit overconfident at times. These personality traits also mirrored perfectly with his beard. His beard is small and young with much room to grow. And just as he want ready to take over responsibilities as ruler of Valhalla from his father, nor was he ready to take on the responsibility of his fathers great beard with his baby beard. The greatness in Chris Hemsworth’s beard is its opportunity for growth. His beard remind me of a young Jeff Bridges. He is a hot young prospect in the beard world and I expect to see great things from this beard in the future. So Chris Hemsworth you’re unparalleled attractiveness as a male sporting a baby beard and your ability to portray one of the best beards in mythological history has earned you a a spot as a beard of the day, and for that, we salute you!


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