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?uestlove: The Beat Droppin Beard

November 9, 2012


Today we salute musician ?uestlove. Quest rocks that old school funk beard. His kicks beats on a drum set like you ain’t never heard, and it all starts from the hair in his buuuurd. The beauty of this beard starts all the way on the top of his head with one of the most recognizable afro’s in the music industry today. The seamless connection from ‘fro to beard really brings it out. The beard itself is scraggly at best but the afro accentuates it so well that you can’t help but be impressed with this man’s ability to grow out hair on his face and head. The “Cherry on top” is the afro pick, which he could just as easily put in his beard. Just like his name, ?uestlove’s beard brings a lot of mystery to the game, and begs the question, “what’s going on in that jaw ‘fro of his”? I could easily see ?uestlove breaking a drum stick while kickin a funky jam and without skipping a beat pulling a drumstick out of his beard as if it was nothing but natural to him. ?uestlove and his band The Roots are currently the in-house band on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon which is really unfortunate when you compare the talent of The Roots (or even ?uestlove alone) to that no talent SNL ruining hack Jimmy Fallon. But alas, we shall all live on in admiration of the glory that is Quest’s beard. ?uestlove’s musicianship definitely brings him to the forfront of the music community but his beard brings him to forefront of no shave November and for that, we salute you.

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