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Jason Bateman: The Bluth Beard

November 5, 2012



Today we salute the beard of actor Jason Bateman.  Bateman is a great actor with an interesting acting record and a beard that we just don’t get to see enough. Bateman’s first sign of a beard showed up in the horrendous sequel “Teen Wolf Too”. The movie is completely unwatchable but we see Bateman in a full body beard, although fake, still interesting to see at such a young age. Today every once n a while Jason busts out the beard and my goodness it’s great. The Bateman beard falls into the category of “hot homeless guy”. He looks like he just woke up from an underpass, yet women still find him irresistibly sexy, I just don’t get it, but good for him. Bateman is not really known as a mover or shaker in the beard world as he almost always appears clean shaven on camera, but I don’t think any of us would be opposed to seeing him rocking the facial fortress more often. We can be almost certain that when Arrested Development comes out next year Bateman won’t be wearing a beard… but a man can dream. Although he doesn’t wear it often Bateman still wears the beard well and for that, we salute you.


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