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Rick Ross: This Beard is the Boss

November 4, 2012


Today we celebrate the beard of rap artist Rick Ro$$.  No doubt this beard is hustlin’ every day. Rick Ross styles my favorite beard look: the big guy beard. Rick Ross’  size lets people know that he’s a man that indulges in the finer things in life… often, and what better way to complement that than a big burly beard. Rick Ross is straight up gansta, and his beard embodies his thug life style. He wants people to know that he spits rhymes, makes bills, and don’t take no shit from no body. Let me tell you folks, the beard says all of that and more. It’s a burly son of a gun and powerful, it makes itself known and leaves a lasting image in your mind. Simply put, Rick Ross’ beard is an unstoppable force that is not to be reckoned with. He often refers to himself as Rick Ross “the boss” and I truly believe his beard is what puts him at boss status/ His song “Hold Me Back” says it all. (if you haven’t seen the music video for this i highly suggest it, Rick hardly wears a shirt, always wears a beard, and doesn’t give a fuck,. ( I have the video posted at the bottom). I can’t say I listen to the man’s music too much, but he’ll always my respect thanks to his powerful beard, and for that, we salute you!

Video for “Hold Me Back”

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