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George Lucas: A Long, Long Time Ago In a Beard Far Away…

November 3, 2012


Today we salute film legend, George Lucas. George is most well-known for his creation of the space opera Star Wars. A creative mastermind ,he has given us one of the most sensational and incredible movie sagas of all time. Who would have thought from one beard could come so many great ideas. Recently his beard sold the rights of Star Wars to Disney and claimed that he will donate 4.05 billion of his new earnings to a Disney foundation focused on education; that’s quite a generous beard if you ask me. But what impresses me the most is George’s unwavering support for the beards. Try to find a picture of Lucas without a beard; those pictures are few and far between.  Lucas’ masterpiece “Star Wars Episode IV:A New Hope” was released in 1977 and even then we see his beard at the age of 33, so to my count he has been consistently wearing a beard for 53 years, not including the years before ’77 that I can’t be certain of. George’s Star Wars series is certainly an artistic masterpiece but if you ask me his beard is even better and for that, we salute you.

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