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Sergio Romo: The Breaking Ball Beard

November 1, 2012


November seems like it can never come too soon and always leaves too fast. I’m looking forward to another month of breathtaking beards to share with you all, so lets waste no time and get to the action. To start out the month I give you the beard of the 2012 World Champion San Francisco Giants’ pitcher Sergio Romo. Just two years ago I was kicking the beard of the day blog off with Brian Wilson after his all-star performance in the World Series, and here we are again, same story different beard. You’ll notice a lot of similarities between Wilson’s and Romo’s beards. Both long and jet black, and both seem to continually grow downwards like a wall of hair protecting their chin and neck from impending danger. Now I don’t want to jump the gun here but it seems like San Fran baseball has caught onto something… beards = championships. Correct me if I’m wrong but the two most imposing beards in the MLB are both on the SF Giants roster and they both have 2 World Series championships under their belt,  coincidence? You be the judge. All I know is that I don’t want anyone to tell me that they can’t grow a beard in the bay area.  Sergio rocks the beard well but he has received some heat for the shirt he wore to the Giants’ victory parade, which read, “I Just Look Illegal” (referring to his Mexican heritage). The only thing that Sergio looks to me is fantastic. That beard oozes confidence and embodies everything that makes a fantastic playoff beard. The sheer size and color make this beard worthy of the list. I’m sure just looking into Romo’s beard is enough to rattle a batter. It’s so dark and big that it’s like looking into a black hole. Once you step up to bat you get lost in the mystery and grandeur that is Romo’s beard and before you know it the ump is yelling,  “Strike 3, you’re out!” Even you can get a hit, anything that comes within a 5 foot radius of Romo’s face is going to get sucked right into his beard, and for those of you keeping score at home, that’s an out. I just hope he keeps a clear enough head during what should be a fun-filled and relaxing off-season to realize that he needs to keep that beard. There is no doubt in my mind that Sergio Romo  reigns triumphant not only baseball diamond but the strasosphere of beards and for that, we salute you!

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