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Each NHL Team’s Biggest Character: Los Angeles Kings: Anže Kopitar

March 27, 2012

Anze Kopitar: The Obscene Slovene. One of the premier players in the NHL today he dangled and deked his way to a starting spot with the LA Kings. He was practically born into hockey, Anze’s father, Matjaz, played for the Slovenian National Team and used to build him an ice rink in their back yard and he would go out there whenever possible, you can’t keep this guy off the ice. But the only love he has more than hockey is his family. He said that his dad is his biggest hero and his best friend is his little brother. In fact, after his first year in the NHL he moved his entire family out from Slovenia out to California, what a nice guy. He is just one of two Slovene players in the league (along with Jan Mursak of the Red Wings). He is also one of the only players in the league to wear a black tinted visor, but why wouldn’t he? Kopitar’s facial structure, namely his eyes, rivals that of the unfortunate looking Steve Buscemi, so can you really blame him for wanting to cover up? He is kind of quiet but that ok, because I feel the Kings are a team that never really make  too much noise. What’s really makes Anze a character is his ability and skill on the ice.  He won the Calder award his rookie year and has maintained his skills since. The LA Kings are an interesting team, they really haven’t had a superstar or a staying player that has defined their franchise since Wayne Gtretzky left, Luc Robataille had that chance but the few times he left and the cup he won in another city gave up his opportunity. Kopitar has the opportunity to become that player, should LA continue to resign him and should his style of play and skill continue to maintain its current state, he could potentially have a permanent home and loving relationship with LA and its fans. He has the potential to remain in LA and have his jersey retired someday and I hope he does so.

Anze is one of the top scoring players in the NHL since he has entered and you might be asking how he manages to do that. His hands are a soft as a fresh loaf of bread and he makes every single move look so easy. If you watch his highlight reel it seems like he’s doing everything at half speed because it all flows together so well. There is almost never nd stuttering or break in his movement. He slides the puck around in the tightest of spots and makes it seem like he has an entire 747 hangar to move in. Check it out 

One word to describe his game: effortless. Not because he doesn’t put any in, but that the way he makes it look. LA hasn’t seen a player with this much individual skill since Gretzky. Kopitar has the potential to be a resounding name in the city of Angels and we hope he gets there and thats what makes him the LA Kings biggest character.

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