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Each NHL Team’s Biggest Character: Florida Panthers, Randy Moeller

March 6, 2012

In a time where the Panthers look like they’re FINALLY ready to return to the post season due to a plethora of new faces added in the offseason, this one was still a no-brainer. The new faces in the organization have surely added some much-needed character to this once unbearably lackluster team but Ran here was just miles above everyone else. And I know I already did an announcer as a biggest character with Rick Jeanneret of the Buffalo Sabres and I promise this is the only other team that doesn’t have a current rostered player as their biggest character. But seriously if there is one person in the NHL who needs to be recognized, it’s Mr. Moeller. Randy Moeller was an NHL hockey player who played most of his career with the Quebec Nordiques from 1981-1989. He retired in 1995  after spending his final season with the Panthers. He was definitely an enforcer when he played, amassing 1,692 penalty minutes and only 225 points in his 14 year career in the NHL. Moeller was a bit before my time and never really never more than a blip on the NHL superstar radar, so before he started announcing I had never heard of him. In fact the only time I ever saw him in uniform was unbeknownst to me until just moments ago while doing some research. Randy was actually on the cover of one of the first hockey video games ever (the first one I ever owned), NHLPA Hockey ’93 for the SEGA Genesis and SNES.

But I can whole-heartedly tell you that I am beyond enthralled that transitioned from the ice into the broadcasting booth, because for me and most people in my generation, that’s where he has made an impact. Randy Moeller is without a doubt the most entertaining announcer I have ever heard. His enthusiasm matches that of Rick Jeanneret but his catches phrases go above and beyond the normal realm of broadcasting humor and into a realm of hilarity I didn’t know was possible.

For those of you who are unaware of what he does, allow me to enlighten you. Randy Moeller is the play-by-play radio announcer for the Panthers, and his broadcasts are fairly normal, Randy announces the plays as they unfold such as, “___ passes to ____, he hits____ in the slot, ___ winds up, HE SHOOTS HE SCORES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” nothing unusual about that, right? Well Randy doesn’t stop  because there after the goal s where his trademark comes into play. He literally SCREAMS pop-culture references during live broadcasts after goal!. They range from song lyrics, movie/tv quotes, brand slogans and a few other in between. The spontaneity and enthusiasm he puts into his goal calls will have you rolling on the floor with laughter. Moeller gets his goal calls through the requests of the listeners. People call into the radio station and request different quotes of which Moeller picks the ones he likes and announces after goals. Now Randy won’t do these calls when games are lopsided either way, and he doesn’t certainly say them for every goal which I think is good because that’s how they risk losing their novelty and humor. Below are the four goal call videos that the radio show he broadcasts for posts on youtube. Like in the case of Rick Jeanneret I could try all day to explain how funny these calls are  via text but the only way to truly appreciate them is to listen.





Personally I can’t pick a favorite, but I’m a big fan of “You’re my boy, Blue”, “Mama cooked the breakfast with no hog”, “We’ve got ourselves a bleeder”, “I just ate his liver”, and “Beyonce had one of the greatest music videos of all time”.

Watching these videos has actually inspired me to listen to Randy Announce a game or two live. I’ve listened to Panthers radio broadcasts while logging hours studying at the library on campus. It’s nice to be able to listen to hockey while studying and then hear a goal call so funny that it makes you laugh out loud. You can check out the live broadcasts on game days if you feel so inclined by going to entering their homepage. On the ride side bar there is a box that should say “upcoming games” with the Panther’s next match-up listed in it. You then click on the link titled 560 WQAM and you’ll be directed to the broadcast (which will start when the games starts). The picture below has the green arrows pointing to where the link is.

My hope with this post is that the word of Randy Moeller will get around, because this guy is too funny to go unnoticed. Randy Moeller’s unmatched charisma and hysterical goal calls are what truly make him the Florida Panthers biggest character.

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  1. March 6, 2012 8:42 pm

    These clips are great Gunther

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