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Each NHL Team’s Biggest Character: Edmonton Oilers, Ryan Smyth

March 6, 2012

It’s been a while, but we’re back.  Well here he is, the man himself, Ryan Symth. Here’s a guy that’s been around for a while and doesn’t have any plans to leave soon. Ryan Smyth strikes me as one of the most unique players in the NHL for a plethora of reasons, but he a true grit, down dirty, old-time hockey player. Smyth was drafted sixth overall in the 1994 NHL draft by the Edmonton Oilers and has all but completely signed his life away to this team. Ryan Smyth’s dedication to the Oilers is extreme to say the least. When he was traded to the Islanders in 2007 he actually cried in the interview and said that if he won a cup in Long Island (let’s get real) he would bring it back to Edmonton. Come one Ryan…. don’t cry! You love to see that kind of dedication from your players and I think when he got traded back this year, it was very fitting. Smyth’s dedication is right up there with guys like Sakic, Yzerman and Lemieux but unfortunately his talent isn’t quite there so he doesn’t quite get the recognition.

Another thing I love about this guy is the mop that so gently lies upon his head. Smyth’s flow is completely unmatched. No one has held such a patch of cabbage upon their noggin as glorified and for as long of a period of as Ryan has. His flow is absolutely dirty! I mean check it out. I think the only flow that could beat his in an all out brawl is the of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, but then again take a look at that picture, perhaps he is the Christ…

One last thing that makes Ryan Smyth such a unique character in the NHL is his weapon of choice is that of the wooden variety. For a long time he only used a one piece wood stick, but thankfully he has made the step into the year 2001 and he now uses a two piece composite with a wood blade and we are so proud of him for doing so.

But above all else Smyth is one of the best power forwards in the game today. He’s right up there with Tomas Holmstrom for his work in front of the net. He’s not afraid to take a beating to pound in a “garbage goal”, but hey, it looks the same on the scoreboard and the stat sheet. Bu make no mistake Smyth is more than capable of putting a pretty one past your net minder which makes him a real threat out there. He’ll back-check with you the whole way down the ice as well making him a great 2-way forward. He has worked his ass off night and night every game of his career, and here’s a night little highlight reel highlighting some of Smyth’sbetter plays.

Ryan Symth is certainly a player with enough uniqueness to go around but above all a true Oiler at heart and that’s what makes him Edmonton’s biggest character.

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