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Each NHL Team’s Biggest Character: Dallas Stars, Steve Ott

February 21, 2012

Steve Ott is the kinda guy you’d love to have on your team, but HATE to play against. The name of the game with Ott is physical, this player gets down and dirty. Big hits and big fights are what drive him to be the spark plug of the Dallas Stars. Getting drafted by the Stars in 2000, everyone knows that he’s a keeper. One of Ott’s main assets to his team is his ability to fire them up, he usually logs somewhere in the ball park of 150PIMs a season, a lot of those through fights. If he’s not getting you jacked up with a good round of fisticuffs, he’s probably getting you jacked up with hit that’ll make you clench your teeth because when Steve Ott hits you, everyone in that arena knows it. When Ott’s team might find themselves down and out or struggling to gain momentum, you better believe old Stever will be there with the shifts next bone-crunching hit or team inspiring fight to get his boys right back in it. He goes out every game and tries to rattle your best player with a big hit and if someone wants to fight him, then so be it. Ott himself even admits to what he does, as quoted in a 2008 interview, “if you take a run at their (the opposing team’s) best player you gotta answer the bell, and for me, every once in a while that I do that someone wants to get me back, so I try to answer the bell as much as possible.”But the great thing about Ott is that he hasn’t limited himself to be good in just one aspect of his game (physicality), he also excels on the score sheet. Since his first full-tenured season with the Stars Ott hasn’t had a season under 22 points and has had as high as 49. Check him out.

One of the best things that makes Ott a character is his chirping ability. (For those of you who aren’t familiar with hockey lingo, “chirping” is essentially trash talking or insulting another player). Steve Ott might be the best or at least most dedicated chirper in the NHL. He completely defines what it means to be an agitator. He will do whatever it takes to get under your skin and get in your head. When he was in Juniors he learned swear words and phrases in different languages to be able to chirp at players who didn’t speak English. He said that his main way to chirp is “very deep swear words.” We got a great glimpse of his agitator nature during the HBO: NHL 24/7 series this winter. In this clip you not only see him chirping Claude Giroux about how he’s going to win the face off but then he chirps Peter Laviolette (head coach of the flyers) to wait his turn to go to the locker rooms. Not to mention that the guy grows some sweet chin music.

Steve Ott is definitely a fun player to watch, but I wish we could hear more of what he says on the ice. His physicality brings a lot of excitement to the game and his offensive talent is nothing to sweep under the rug. I think we have a lot more fun year to watch from the Dallas Stars biggest character, Steve Ott.

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  1. June 3, 2013 6:07 am

    Great story. As a Dallas Stars fan I will never forgive them for trading Otter to Buffalo.

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