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Each NHL Team’s Biggest Character: Columbus Blue Jackets, Rick Nash

February 20, 2012

Come on, who the heck else would it be? Rick Nash is the only bulb that is continuously lit on the string of broken Christmas lights that is the Columbus BJ’s. If Rick Nash’s situation were compared that of a college student, he would be the guy in the school of communications that is way too self-motivated and smart to be there. Everyone knows that he should move to a different school like business or engineering where he could have a much better chance for success, but the  comm people won’t let him go and frankly, I think he feels bad about leaving because he’s the only thing giving the school of comm any traces of success. Nash is one of the most talented players in the NHL and often gets overlooked because of his unfortunate place with a franchise that just refuses to get their act together. Nash has been in Columbus since he was drafted by the Jackets in 2002. He the team’s captain,  a 5 time NHL All-Star, a winner of the Maurice “Rocket” Richard trophy (NHL’s leading goal scorer), and an Olympic Gold Medalist. He is one of the best all around players in the NHL and puts up awesome numbers every year, despite never really having a solid cast around him. HOLY HIGHLIGHT REEL! If you watch this video you’ll notice very few of these are from good set-ups, sure he’ll get a pass in the slot, but it’s his ability to make a great solo move after that pass to score, he’s a one man show out there because he has to be. Nash has silky mitts, an accurate yet powerful shot and moves that go on for days. Man it would be awesome to see what this guy could do with a good supporting cast.

Nash is also becoming caught up in the hockey media these days. As the trade deadline approaches we’re all wondering what the future of Nash will be. We he finally get the break he deserves and go somewhere he deserves to win a cup, or will Columbus keep their stranglehold on one of the world’s top players diminishing his hopes of success. He said he was willing to waive his no-trade clause if the organization felt it would truly benefit the team. Currently the top contenders for Nash are the Flyers, Rangers and Leafs.

My favorite characteristic of Nash has to be his attitude. I don’t mean to keep ripping on the Blue Jacket’s organization, but for him to be with them for coming up on 10 years and never once complain about the BJ’s inability to bring in any other talent, make the playoffs, have consistency in any area other than losing, or any other number of things they suck at, really makes me respect the guy. You can’t always pick your situation and Rick Nash is thankful for everything that Columbus has given him and remains more loyal to his team than most players in the NHL.  Jeff Carter wasn’t in Columbus for more than 2 weeks this year before rumors started surfacing about him wanting to get the hell out of there. From what I understand Rick Nash is one of the most humble guys in the NHL. And even though he is on a quiet team and he remain may remain quiet, his extremely loud play and humble attitude make him Columbus’ biggest character.

Oh yeah… just watch this, then watch your jaw hit the floor.

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