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Each NHL Team’s Biggest Character: Buffalo Sabres, Rick Jeanneret

February 2, 2012

No that’s not my Crazy Uncle Larry’s mug shot after he got caught exposing himself in a Wal-Mart parking lot, it’s Buffalo Sabres announcer Rick Jeanneret. I’m aware Rick Jeanneret does not play for the Sabres, but I absolutely love this guy. Most energetic and in-tune announcer in the NHL. When you’re watching a hockey game the announcer can have a wide range of effects on your overall game experience. An announcer can ruin a game through a variety of ways, calling a game far too one-sided (Jim Hughson), lack of flow and relevant. commentary (Jeremy Roenick), and in some cases just failure to announce (everyone who announced Patrick Kane’s Stanley Cup winning goal). A commentator can remain neutral and just announce a game that doesn’t change your feeling towards the game at all. Or, in the case or Rick Jeanneret he can propel the game to a never level of excitement and amusement that very few can rival. His unique choice in phrases and word choice matched with his over-the-top enthusiasm make for one hell of an electrifying announcer.

Jeanneret can easily be seen as a face of the Sabres. When the Sabres were formed as an NHL team in the 1970-1971 season Rick Jeanneret was not their annoucer, but he has been every year since, so it’s fair to say he’s put in more than enough years to be consider loyal to Buffalo. He is also the longest-tenured announcer in the NHL. He doubles on both TV and Radio announcing because he is just that damned good. Whether or not you like the Sabres you have to give credit where credit is due. Jeanneret has already been inducted into the Buffalo Sabres Hall of Fame and he’s not even retired yet!! So it’s safe to say that his resume and dedication to the Sabres organization speaks for itself. But the reason for his title as the Sabres biggest character goes far beyond his resume. The man has enough charisma to put you into a coma. For starters he rocks a look matched on by the late great Rodney Dangerfield. He looks exactly like the guy and wears suspenders as well. But aside from his dashing good looks, he has such a way of choosing the most eccentric phrases and vocab at the exact right time, most of which occur during goals. But not only does his word choice make him unique but his inflection is crazy. At 70 years old he shows more enthusiasm for his team scoring even the most meaningless of goals than I’ve seen out of most people my age for nail-biting game winners. One thing I could never possibly explain through text to my readers is how truly eclectic and bonkers his calles are but thanks to youtube I can share some of my favorites, in no particular order. I’m sorry I posted so many but it was just to hard to choose.

“HOLY MACKAREL” listen to the really guttural sound he makes right before he says “What a hit by Campbell” 

Peca may have been short, but Rick Jeanneret makes it abundantly clear he has no problems reaching the top shelf

Possibly his most famous call, the NHL runs an awesome commercial during the playoffs featuring this line, check it our here 

I wonder if they ever called the cops…


At times Rick Jeanneret might be a little more incoherent than amusing, but nonetheless he is still one of the best, if not THE best announcer in the NHL today. His unique play calling style and his history with the franchise make him the


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