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Brad Pitt: A Seldom Seen Gem of a Beard

November 24, 2011

HAPPY NO SHAVE NOVEMBER!!!!!!!!!! Today we salute actor, Brad Pitt. Here’s a guy who is not really known for having a beard, but whenever we are graced with it’s presence, we aren’t disappointed. This is one shaggy and messy beard. I think we all hope our beards can look something like this by the end of November. Just really no showing of any upkeep at all, kind of like a smaller cuter version of Brett Keisel’s beard. The nice thing is that I don’t really have to explain this guy because he’s just so famous. But one thing that I would like to explain but just can’t is why he doesn’t wear a beard more often. He grows it well, and yet he keeps it hidden, most people don’t know the grandeur that is Pitt’s beard. And while it is a shame he doesn’t grow it more often, we love to see this thing shine when he does grow it and for that, we salute you

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