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Walter Sobchak: The Shomer Shabbat Beard

November 23, 2011

HAPPY NO SHAVE NOVEMBER!!!! Today we salute John Goodman for his role in The Big Lebowski as Walter Sobchak. Here is one beard that doesn’t go over the line, in fact I’d mark it an 8 dude. Walter Sobchak was a Vietnam Vet who watched his frriends die face down in the mud so we can all enjoy nice family restaurants. Let me say that if you haven’t seen The Big Lebowski, get out of your cave and do so, because until you see my favorite movie of all time, I can’t talk to you. Walter’s beard is a beard that means business, it’s not too big there and very clean cut. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this beard pull a gun on someone during league play down at the bowling alley. As many men of the Jewish faith do, Walter wears his beard with pride. Mess with the beard, and you’ll find out what happens when you fuck a stranger in the ass. I really can’t say too much about this beard because it speaks for itself. Walter Sobchak was a true American hero with a beard for the ages, and for that, we salute you.

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