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Sir Sean Connery: A Knighted Beard

November 21, 2011

HAPPY NO SHAVE NOVEMBER!!!!! Today we salute SIR Sean Connery. It’s about time we got a Scottish beard on here. Sean Connery is one of the most well known actors of all time, and has one of the most well known beards of all time. The is a beard that we have seen come on more and more with age. Back when he was doing 007 movies, he was very clean shaven, but as time has progressed he worn the beard more and more. Today these white hairs rest upon his face as a symbol of wisdom and experience. He never lets it get too unruly, and it always seems to look just right. In 1999, at age 69, he was voted “Sexiest Man of the Century” by People magazine, and how could you disagree? People like to bash beards saying they look messy and lazy, too hell with them! Sean Connery is living proof that beards can be sexy. Sean Connery is a man who likes his Martinis “Shaken, not stirred” the same way we like his face, “Unshaven, with fur”. At 81 Sean Connery still rocks the beard as good as ever, maybe that’s why they knighted him, either way Sir Connery, we salute you.

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