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Seth Kinman, A Bear Bludgeoning Beard

November 18, 2011

*today’s fan Friday beard was selected by Ryan Kropp. I’m not sure if thats what he was going for when he posted this picture on my wall but hell, I loved it.*

HAPPY NO SHAVE NOVEMBER!!!!!! Today we salute Seth Kinman: original California settler, hunter and trapper. To be frank, I had never ever heard of this guy before my man, Ryan posted him on my wall but I immediately became intrigued. The beard alone was enough to make me go out and find info about the guy, but what I found out very well might have given me a new hero and a new lifestyle to pursue. So this dude was born in Pennsylvania, then moved to Illinois and eventually California during the gold rush where mined gold and fashioned chairs out of elk-horns (look them up, they’re pretty bitchin). After some unexpected tribulations he eventually became a hunter, and that’s where he made his name. How do you make a name hunting in California in the mid 19th Century? Hunting grizzly bears, simple as that. Kinman claimed to have shot a total of over 800 grizzly bears, and, in a single month, over 50 elk. Really brings a tear to your eye. During this time he also gained a reputation as an Indian (Native American) abuser and was once called “an avowed enemy of the red man, who shot an Indian on sight” although he was a government employed ambassador to Indians. But not only was he a hunter, the man was a hero, he saved many passengers from a sinking ship called the SS Northerner, which he spotted from offshore. He tethered himself to the shore, swam in and saved as many as he could. After he gained fame out west he was given the honor of meeting Abraham Lincoln (one of last year’s no shave November honorees). He presented him with one of his signature elk-horn chairs and played him two songs on a fiddle he made out of the rib and skull of his favorite mule. While some people claim that he was more myth than man, how could you say that someone with a beard like that is anything less than 200% man? For anyone who has ever seen the documentary “Grizzly Man” about the guy who gave up his life to live with bears, Seth Kinman was the first image I created of what the Grizzly Man would look like. Unfortunately I was more disappointed than I could have ever imagined once I watched the documentary and saw what that Sally looked and acted like. I imagine that Seth had a fairly easy time killing bears, standing over 6 feet tall,wearing a bearskin suit and wearing that unkempt forest of hair on is face, the Grizzlies probably thought he was just another bear. Seth’s beard, embodies what it mean to be a true mountain man. He lives off the land and kills animals larger than himself to make a living. His beard brings a tear to my eye, which then moves down into my beard. Kinman’s beard grew due to his rugged nature, you need a beard to keep you looking and feeling tough in the wild as well as keeping you warm in order to survive. and I feel that all No Shave November enthusiasts can really take a tip from Seth’s beard, being in touch with mother earth and her inhabitants can do wonders for your beard. Seth Kinman was a true maintain man, and his beard will live on in infamy, and for that, we salute you.

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