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Patrick Cox. Definitely Hides Tax Audits in his Beard

November 14, 2011

HAPPY NO SHAVE NOVEMBER!!!!!!!!! Today we salute the original tax master, Patrick R. Cox. This guy loves snacks, bottom line. You’ve probably seen this horribly camera-unfriendly fellow on the television screen and thought to yourself, “Holy Lord, that is one portly man, why is trying to accentuate his fatness by standing sideways?” That I cannot answer, his reasoning for wanting to appeal like a jackass to the American public is beyond me, BUT, WOW! What a beard! Another great ginger beard, on yet another large fella. Folks, this is a beard that we have to appreciate while we have it, because I’m pretty sure Mr. Cox won’t be around for much longer. Now I’ve never been to his office or seen him at work but I can guarantee you one thing. He isn’t helping you with your taxes, this fat fuck is eating them (excuse my language) I mean Christ look at the guy! Or shoving them in his beard, never to be seen again. This man’s beard is the last thing from making him a complete train wreck and for that Patrick R. Cox, we salute you….i guess

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