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Seth Rogen: A Funny and Surprisingly Canadian Beard

November 8, 2011

HAPPY NO SHAVE NOVEMBER!!!!! Today we salute actor and producer Seth Rogen. Fun fact about Seth, he was born and raised in Vancouver before he moved to LA to start his acting career, thats right, he’s a Canadian! But back to business, Seth Rogen always seems to have some sort of facial hair whether it’s the beard pictured above, the five o’clock shadow from Pineapple Express, the goatee and sideburns combo in 40 Year Old Virgin, or the handlebar moustache in Superbad. His beard never seems to be to big or robust, but it’s the subtlety ever-present which it what makes it great. It’s a look that fits him well, and that’s probably why he always wears it. Seth Rogen is a very funny dude, who has had some great roles, and we always love to see him with a beard while he makes us laugh. His beard isn’t a Brett Keisel, but it’s so great and fits him so well, that it doesn’t need to be. Seth’s beard is a great example of how less can be more, and for that, we salute you!!

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