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Brett Keisel: Find a More Manly Beard, I Dare You.

November 1, 2011

HAPPY NO SHAVE NOVEMBER!!!! Well the time is upon us again, and goddam I could not be happier! Now, ON TO THE BEARD!!!! What can I say about this beard that hasn’t already been said? It is my personal favorite beard of all time, ladies and gentlemen, BRETT KEISEL!!!!!! This beard has spawned its own clothing line, charity organization, song and religious following. Brett Keisel’s beard the pinnacle of beard-ness, and is a force to reckoned with. In June of 2010 Keisel decided not to shave his face until his team’s season was over, and mother of god if he didn’t do it. The Steelers made it all the way to the Super Bowl where Brett Keisel’s beard decided it didn’t want to win (for reasons the beard holds above us). He then shaved it at a charity event named shear-the-beard and is right back at it again this season. Brett Keisel’s beard is one of the most monumental and epic dislplays of facial hair ever shown by man and helped re-define the phrase “Fear the Beard” and for that Brett “The Deisel” Keisel, we salute you!!!!

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